indieVelo Team Showcase

Tactical Team-based racing is at cycling esports platform indieVelo core, and these teams make it possible. Find your team here!


indieVelo Team Showcase NZBRO

A New Zealand based team for New Zealand riders and friends who have come together thru a common goal of enjoying riding online.

We love competing and giving it our best and celebrate the small steps we make each week in the pursuit of being better than yesterday.

Our team culture is what makes it work, we race hard but enjoy just being laid back and enjoying life outside of the racing so keeping a balanced schedule is key.

Our online community has also evolved and moved into the real world with meetups at events which is so good to see.

We believe in integrity and trust each team member to be honest and credible when online racing.

We have a strict rule on all our A & A+ riders who verify with dual recordings along with outdoor tests to prove not only accuracy but provide a complete picture of an individual’s performance indoors and outdoors.

Team WattFabrik

indieVelo Team Showcase WattFabrik

Team WattFabrik is a team of ambitious eRacing cyclists, where the focus is on people.

We are performance-oriented and achieve this together and for each other. We define achievement not only in terms of race results, but in terms of what moves the group forward. Fairness, both internally and externally, is a central value of our actions.

We are united by the joy of cycling, the values we live by and the friendships we have with each other. Tolerance and respect for each other are the basis for a friendly and constructive interaction. At the same time, we see the diversity of our team members as enrichment. That is why we strive for a vivid, wide-ranging network.

We do not have any commercial interests. Instead, we create an innovative sporting home in the amateur and ambitious mass sports sector with the creativity, joy of experimentation and commitment of our members.

Team Relentless

indieVelo Team Showcase Relentless

Relentless was formed in March 2020 with a core group of dedicated members who believed in a team-first, individual-second approach to bike racing.  

Transparency, including accurate weight and height checks, dual recording, and outdoor data, is foundational to our team ethos.  We vet incoming members as part of an onboarding process, and we release riders who are unable to verify performances once they are on the team.  Questions about rider data within our team are scrutinized and measures are promptly taken to problem solve and determine the cause of any outlying performances.  

We currently have 40 members on our roster, all ranging from B to A+.  Most are fathers and race road, mountain, gravel, multisport, or running races outdoors throughout the year.  A majority of our riders are from North America, but we have a strong European contingent as well as a couple riders from South America, Asia and Australia.  We have a healthy culture centered on celebrating member achievements, whether on or off the bike.  

We value the e-cycling community and embrace making connections and friendships with riders from all teams.  

You can find us racing in the WTRL TTT, IndieVelo events, Zwift Racing League, the Flamme Rouge series, and Chasing Racing events, along with standalone races like KISS.  

We hold weekly team workouts and strive to be 1% better than we were yesterday.

West London VR

indieVelo Team Showcase West London VR

West London Cycling was born out of running online races for local riders but the races grew, and grew. In fact we are far wider than just an online club, running local rides and trips abroad for local riders. We are now expanding our online racing team and include a number of overseas riders as well as British team members from all over the UK.

We take a ‘fun first’ approach to racing and welcome riders whatever their standard and realise that you have lives outside of online racing, so may not be available for every race. We mainly race on Indie Velo and Wahoo RGT and run a TTT team too. We run races on Indie Velo on Mondays and alternate Wednesdays on Wahoo RGT which any team can enter as well as solo riders

If you are a like minded racer, email Dave Morrison at

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