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Welcome to the Virtual Velo Podcast powered by The Zommunique‘.  We are exercise and nutrition scientists, physical therapists,  performance coaches, but most of all, we are passionate about cycling and immersed in the virtual community. 

Our goal is to help you become a more informed cyclist, one inspired, challenged, and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of honest insight, innovative research and ideas, and culture within the virtual cycling and esports community.

Take a conversational ride with us as we bridge the gap between athlete and avatar.

Let’s take a moment to catch up with the squad!

Ken "The Badger" Nowell

Ken Nowell VVP image

I’m an avid amateur indoor cyclist and rad mountain biker that loves to compete but not at the expense of quality of life and having fun. I’ve had the good fortune of being the co-founder of DIRT: Dads Inside Riding Trainers, the world’s largest Zwift team, and through this, I have made friends worldwide that I train with and compete against. While I am no longer actively coaching, I spent many years as a CF-L1 CrossFit Instructor and National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) Level 3 Coach. I’m currently the host of several cycling podcasts and an occasional contributing writer to The Zommunique. I also have a loving wife and daughter, a job, and went to college.

I’ll see you in Watopia! Ride On!

Nathan Guerra

Known as the Voice of Zwift and a live-stream pioneer, Nathan founded Zwift Community Live and broadcasts top-level esports and community events.

He is a father of five children and a top professional cyclist living in Oconomowoc, WI.

You can hear his passionate and authoritative voice on several media outlets, including Twitch and the other podcast he hosts, The Wrap.

Nathan Guerra

Joy Murphy

Joy Murphy VVP

Joy, a native Floridian, USA Tri-Level 1 Certified Coach, and founder of EnJoy Fitness, began virtual cycling four years ago as a way to complete longer rides safe from the busy streets of Jacksonville.

Joy coaches endurance athletes all over the world and is a certified personal fitness trainer.

Chris Schwenker, P.T.

Semi-retired as owner and director of his private Orthopedic Physical Therapy practice after over 20 years, Chris is blessed with the freedom to pursue his passion for virtual cycling and writing. On a continual quest to give back to his bike for all the rewarding experiences and relationships it has provided him, he created a non-profit.

Through its work and the pages of this site, Chris is committed to helping others with his bike. His gain cave is located on the North Fork of Long Island, where he lives with his beautiful wife and is proud of his two adult? children.

Chris Schwenker Grand Canyon

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