Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 11: The Mercurial Fin Elite Eracer Teppo Laurio

In Episode Eleven of the Virtual Velo Podcast, Ken, Nathan, and Chris, with a little help from Dave Towle, welcome elite eracer Wahoo Le Col’s Teppo Laurio.

Tim-tim, tom-tom, asterisks, obelisks, Tron bike in 7 days, trenching, SISU, Mumintrolls, Finland Fun Facts, Ghetto Funk, and Teppo raps! Intrigued? 

Oh yeah, we threw in a bit of behind-the-scenes elite Zwift Esports racing stuff too!

Clip-in and take an eclectic conversational ride with us!

For more Teppo, check out this interesting interview.

Ep. 11: Teppo Laurio

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