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Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 27: indieVelo’s Dr. George Gilbert on the Innovation That Could Transform the Cycling Esports Landscape

In Episode Twenty-Seven of the Virtual Velo Podcast, Si and Chris sit down with cycling esports platform indieVelo’s founder, Dr. George Gilbert. 

indieVelo’s recent game update included Fully Customizable User Interface Functionality Support through Modding. Zwift’s former Cycling Esports Commission Chairman explains the technical foundation built from the ground up to set the framework for the revolutionary upgrade. 

In addition, as a service provider partnering with other virtual cycling platforms, international organizations, and governing bodies, he proclaims “We’re at an inflection point in the way that online cycling will happen in the future, and the industry will evolve.”

Listen as Dr. Gilbert shares his background, motivation, and vision for defining the future of cycling esports in “Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 25: indieVelo Founder and Former Zwift Esports Chair Dr. George Gilbert

Chris and Si spoke about these articles he wrote during the discussion.


Clip in and take a conversational ride with us as we lend a voice to the digital athlete and bridge the gap between athlete and avatar!

Ep. 27: Dr. George Gilbert on indieVelo's UI Customization Functionality

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