Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 12: If Zwiftin’s a Crime, Then Give me Time with Saris NoPinz Michael Egan

In Episode Twelve of the Virtual Velo Podcast, Ken, Joy, and Chris welcome elite eracer Saris No Pinz Michael “Eganski” Egan.

Not one, not two, but three Zwift bans! Overcame a battle with rare B-Cell Lymphoma and lost 50 pounds! His lifelong commitment to being hyper-fit for survival and why he calls elite-level Zwift racing a circus. Honest, sincere, and suggestive language from one of virtual cycling’s confounding characters. Toeing the line with Michael Egan!

Clip in and take a conversational ride with us!

Ep. 12: Michael "Eganski" Egan

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