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Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 9: Zwift Academy Finalist Liz Van Houweling!

In Episode Nine of the Virtual Velo Podcast, former World #1 Zwift Esports racer Liz Van Houweling takes time from packing her kit to chat with Joy, Ken, Nathan, and Chris before boarding a plane for the Zwift Academy Finals in Denia, Spain.

Liz shares her not-so-smooth racing season, including her experience at the 2021 USA Cross Nats, her summer at #1, and the ZADA verification nightmare that led to Zwift Grand Prix annulment. 

The VVP squad gets her honest insight on the Zwift Grand Prix before taking a deep dive into Liz’s sincere thoughts about the Zwift Academy Finals. There’s a lot to talk about as Liz opens up about her realistic expectation, feelings, hopes, and dreams.

Good luck, Liz!

To learn more, check out Get to Know Esports Racer Liz Van Houweling.

Clip-in and take a conversational ride with us! 

Ep. 9: Zwift Academy Finalist Liz Van Houweling

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