Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 34: WTRL’s Martin Carew Talks Zwift Racing League

The Zwift Racing League is quite possibly the largest community-based racing league in the world. Does it also have the most cheaters, cruisers, and sandbaggers? 

WTRL’s Martin Carew is here to say he’s doing things on his end, but can he and is Zwift doing enough? 

In episode 34 of the Virtual Velo Podcast, Chris and Si ask those questions and more! 

Martin explains the built-in anti-cheating system he has in place, the challenge of finding the perfect balance between credibility and inclusivity, and the limitations he faces. 

Plus, the guys introduce a new recurring feature they call “Cycling Shorts.”

A complete rundown of cycling esports headlines, insider information, investigative reporting, and industry trends. Another way that the Virtual Velo Network is your Central Source For Cycling Esports!

Chris also shares insight from his conversations with Eric Min, USAC’s Jim Miller, Matt Stephens, and other cycling dignitaries while covering the Star Track Benefit for Cycling Weekly.

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For an even deeper dive, check out the following articles cited in the episode.

To support the great work they do over at Star Track Cycling, visit. 

Clip in and take a conversational ride with us as we lend a voice to the digital athlete and bridge the gap between athlete and avatar!

Ep. 34: WTRLs Martin Carew on Zwift Racing League

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Si Bradeley
Si Bradeley
11 days ago

What do you guys think about Martin’s comments and that balance between catching cheaters and being inclusive?

5 days ago

I was disappointed to hear that you feel only the upper levels of racing deserve fair racing. I think everyone deserves to have fair racing not just the upper levels as you’ve suggested in your comments to Martin.

Regardless of the level of play in any sport, the fundamental rules should apply to all not just the “Elite”.

All sports have a cost to them. If you want to play in a tournament there’s the cost for the proper “Legal” equipment to play with to ensure everyone is playing “Fairly”. Zwift racing should be no different.

If you don’t have the proper equipment in Zwift to ensure fair racing you shouldn’t be allowed to race in a league that talks about promoting fairness. If you want an all-inclusive race league then drop almost all of the rules and have a league for people who don’t care about at least an attempt at fair racing and make ZRL the league that sets a level playing field for everyone.

Most organized sports, even the beginner level, have certain requirements that must be met to participate. Why should Zwift racing be any different? I think fairness should come before inclusiveness.

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Virtual Velo Podcast Ep. 34-WTRLs Martin Carew Talks Zwift Racing League
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