Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 3: Panel Discussion-Is Wahoo/RGT a Good Thing For the Virtual Cycling Community?

In Episode Three of the Virtual Velo Podcast, Ken, Joy, and Chris are together hosting a panel discussion with two distinguished guests with deep ties in the virtual cycling scene.


David Owen—You may know David as the current editor of TitaniumGeek, the home of the first all-inclusive Zwift User Manual and its journey through gadgets, cycling, and virtual cycling platforms. 

David is an early adopter of Zwift and RGT and has extensive knowledge of the others, like Sufferfest, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, SYSTM, VirtuPro, and MyWhoosh. A cycling coach and founding member of the Kiss Racing Team, he credits virtual cycling and the community for helping him conquer melanoma. 

Oh yeah, he’s also a self-proclaimed subject of the independent state of Derbados!?!


Si Bradeley—You love his informative and entertaining Zwift Racing League recons found on his Si Bradely YouTube channel, but that’s only the tip of his virtual cycling iceberg. 

At age 15 Si became the youngest Spin instructor in the UK and joked with his school friends, “I led your Mum’s Spin class last night.” In 2001 Si set the Guinness World Record for indoor cycling with a grueling 58 consecutive hours in the saddle. 

His authoritative knowledge of multiple virtual cycling platforms and passion for the virtual cycling community, in which he is fully immersed, make him a perfect guest. 

Check out this great The ZOM interview with Si!


Clip-in and take a conversational ride with us as we explore the many facets of the bombshell announcement and look to the future. Zwift has a massive headstart, but Wahoo/RGT is primed to cover the gap as all platforms prepare for a photo finish to a race that never ends, we hope!

Ep. 3: Panel Discussion-Is Wahoo/RGT a Good Thing For the Virtual Cycling Community?

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