The Zommuniqué’s Promise

There’s no singular voice or model for virtual cycling, esports competition, training, nutrition, and wellness. Let us help inform you in an unbiased and impartial manner and put you in the position to make your best choice.

The daily choices you make about your nutrition, fitness, and wellness can transform your happiness and guide your life. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy to make or continue to follow.  Each individual’s goals are specific, and we’re here to nurture you with the support of trusted information and strategies to help you be the best you can be. 

Online searches for training, nutrition, or exercise topics can overwhelm and send you down a rabbit hole of irrelevant information and biased opinions.  Virtual cyclists are crunched for time.  It would help if you had easy-to-understand and credible advice that eliminates useless information.  Our advice is written by experts who are cyclists and know the sacrifices the sport demands, who know what they’re talking about and genuinely care.

It’s our duty and responsibility to make sure you’re getting practical science-based facts with clear, actionable steps suited to your needs. We work hard to break down topics into understandable terms, reflect the latest research, and present the most accurate information in a way that motivates you to be accountable for your training, diet, fitness, and overall wellness. We’re here to support and cheer you on through knowledge!

Our intent is simple-empower you to reach your fitness and performance goals.  While also presenting unbiased and uninfluenced truthful answers to your virtual cycling questions. 


Expert Writer and Contributor Team 

Our contributor team is authoritative experts in their respective disciplines, from doctors of sports nutrition and nutritional biochemistry, fitness professionals, certified personal trainers, USA Cycling Level 1 coaches, data scientists, physicians to elite esports competitors and influencers.  

These leading experts were carefully chosen for their extensive knowledge and real-world experience, as well as their ability to communicate complex information in a clear, helpful, and uninfluenced way.  But primarily for their passion for virtual cycling and their commitment to its avid pursuit in an unbiased manner. 


Diverse Voices Free of Influence or Outside Pressure 

We commit to helping all virtual cyclists and athletes, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, culture, geography, body type, ability, or experience. The Zommunique’ is committed to a promise of diversity, inclusion, and equity as it highlights athletes, events, and news across all virtual cycling platforms and fitness outlets.


Editorial and Fact Check Team 

Our editorial and fact-check team manages all of the content you read.  We edit each article in a good faith effort to make sure it’s responsible, accurate, understandable, helpful, trustworthy, comprehensive, up-to-date, and inclusive. 

We commit to content integrity; therefore, our contributors rely on the most relevant and reputable sources, including medical journals and current primary references, and give credit when applicable.

Of course, we are aware that things slip through the cracks and that there is often more than one side to a debate.  Please feel free to comment, present your argument, and forward your opinion constructively and helpfully.  Suggested improvements are shared directly with our editorial and contributor team and addressed and implemented immediately. 



Online resources and social media are the primary sources of virtual cycling news, and now more than ever, people are going online for their information. Our responsibility is to ensure that every piece of news published on The Zommunique’ is held to the highest standards of clarity, accuracy, thoughtfulness, and trustworthy reporting.  

Most importantly, we report without bias or influence to provide you with the ability to assess the information and make your best decision.

We rely on primary sources within the virtual cycling and esports world, input from credentialed medical experts, and a team of health, nutrition, and fitness professionals to provide you with the latest and most important updates in the world of performance, fitness, and nutrition. We provide the context and insights needed to keep you and your team informed about all things virtual cycling and esports.


The Zommunique’s Mission

An unbiased forum providing honest insight and helpful topics of interest to enhance the virtual cycling experience and the athletes who consider themselves proud to be a part of its community!

We pride ourselves on being part of the virtual cycling revolution, and we make sure to infuse that into all of our content. All that we do is rooted in one goal: to help you learn how to be a happy, healthy, and well-informed virtual cyclist.  We do that by creating a forum that cuts through all the mixed messages and confusion and nurtures its community through knowledge and caring.

Have Insight? 

We would love to hear from our community. If you have a comment or suggestion to share, feel free to contact us at

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