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Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 30: This Season on Zwift-The Racer’s Edition

In Episode Thirty of the Virtual Velo Podcast, Chris and Si dive into some hot topics following attendance at the “This Season on Zwift” press conference. Here’s a quick rundown of what they discuss:

  1. Zwift is All-In on Racing: The duo breaks down what this renewed focus means for the racing community within Zwift and what changes racers can expect moving forward.
  2. Zwift and Wahoo Make Peace: Chris and Si share their take on the resolution between Zwift and Wahoo and discuss its implications. They also ponder if it’s enough to keep the RGT platform afloat.
  3. Zwift and indieVelo Partnership: The podcast delves into what this partnership for independent performance verification means for the integrity of Zwift races, specifically the Zwift Grand Prix. They discuss whether this changes anything in the racing scene.
  4. New Features in “This Season on Zwift”: Finally, they talk about upcoming updates, new routes, and gear in Zwift, sharing their thoughts about how these additions will impact the user experience.

Tune in to get an insider’s perspective on all the latest Zwift news and what it means for the virtual cycling community.

For an even deeper dive, check out the following articles cited in the episode.

  • MyWhoosh and UCI’s World Championship 2024-2026 Partnership is an Investment in Cycling Esports [The Zommunique, Aug. 25, 2023]
  • Competitors challenge Zwift’s dominance in virtual cycling as UCI accepts bids for future Esports World Championships [Cycling Weekly, May 17, 2023]
  • Zwift and indieVelo’s Partnership Leads the Way For Legitimization of Cycling Esports [The Zommunique, Sept. 6, 2023]


Clip in and take a conversational ride with us as we lend a voice to the digital athlete and bridge the gap between athlete and avatar!

Ep. 30: This Season on Zwift-The Racer's Edition

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