Virtual Velo Podcast-Ep. 13: The Legend and Lure of Matt Yankow

In Episode Thirteen of the Virtual Velo Podcast, Ken, Joy, and Chris explore the legend of the man known as Yankow, Matt Yankow.

400 Watt time trial averages, 4-minute gap sweeps, 40 broken smart bikes (that’s a slight exaggeration), and he’s not competitive. Call it complacent. 

Joy did in this report when she hoodwinked Yankow,

“Powering Through Contentment-Satisfaction, Complacency, or a Crutch?”

He called 200-mile Unbound Gravel “a fun ride” and knows that people think he’s annoying, but he does it anyways. He broke a year-long sugar fast with the last piece of cake he ate the year before. His wife thinks he’s one-dimensional, but after listening, you’ll know that’s not the case.

To learn more, check out “An Interview with Zwift Academy Group Ride Sweeper Matt Yankow.” 

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Clip in and take a conversational ride with us!

Ep. 13: Matt Yankow

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