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The UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, the Olympics, and What the Future May Hold

What does the UCI’s call for bids to host the 2023-2025 Esports World Championship reveal about the future of cycling esports?

Zwift has been the category leader in virtual cycling for some time, but competition is on the rise with platforms such as Wahoo-RGT, MyWhoosh, Rouvy, and other commercial entities. This has led the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) to announce that it will accept bids for hosting the 2024, 2025 and 2026 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. The UCI is the world cycling governing body overseeing international competitive cycling events and the sole owner of the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships.

The first Esports World Championships was in 2020; later editions occurred in 2022 and 2023. The marquee event on the Cycling Esports calendar, the world championship, is a proving ground for the sport’s elite competitors and technological innovation.

The market leader, virtual cycling platform Zwift has hosted all editions, but that could change in future years.

Read the full report published in Cycling Weekly to find out:

  • Will Zwift’s dominance be threatened by up-and-coming competitors like MyWhoosh, Wahoo-RGT, and Rouvy?
  • Zwift’s statement and reaction when asked about the UCI’s request for proposals to host the 2023-2025 Esports World Championships
  • How a special clause added to the UCI’s tender agreement opens the door to non-cycling esports platforms and other commercial entities, like the Tour de France’s ASO?!?, and 
  • Why the International Olympic Committee holds all the cards and may spell the future for cycling esports!
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