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indieVelo Update Version V0.2.9 Released August 7, 2023

The latest indieVelo update V0.2.9 released August 7, 2023, focuses on quality over quantity with innovative race results credibility options.

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One of the founding principles of indieVelo is to improve the credibility of the results in online cycle racing. To achieve this means doing some things completely differently, particularly prioritizing the quality of races over the number of people competing in them.

Therefore, this week’s release (see below for full details) focuses on a commonly requested feature – empowering event organizers to limit who enters their events.

New options have now been added to indieVelo to enable organizers, if they want, only to allow riders to enter a custom event if they have a smart trainer, heart rate monitor, and/or dual-recording, automatically blocking them from joining the pen until meeting these requirements. Further, indieVelo now allows organizers to restrict entries to those who have entered real-life NGB or UCI racing license details.

To begin with, this is just a soft limit at the point of entry (for example, if your heart rate monitor battery dies mid-race in the event that requires a functioning heart rate monitor, then you won’t be automatically kicked out), but as we continue to test and refine the behavior, we will continue to look at further enhancements to help organizers ensure that the results of their events are due to legitimate proven athletic ability.

Beyond this, there is the usual array of quality-of-life improvements as well as some significant infrastructure changes behind the scenes to help set indieVelo up for moving towards a fully open Beta Trial phase and the likely increased numbers of people using it as we head towards the Northern Hemisphere Winter.

indieVelo event organization screen complete

Find out more about how you can get involved and help shape the future of online cycling by clicking here.

If all has gone well, then you shouldn’t have to do anything to get the new version, as indieVelo will just self-update the next time you start it up.

If you find any problems however, instructions on how to manually update are on the website:

The full patch notes are below!

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“Thank you all once again for your continued feedback and encouragement. It’s hugely appreciated, and is making an enormous difference to the continued evolution and improvement of online cycling.”

indieVelo founder Dr. George Gilbert

indieVelo Event Scheduled Successfully

Patch Notes – V0.2.9 – Key changes from last version

  • Added ability to limit entries to an event by paired hardware.

  • Added ability to limit entries to an event by racing licence.

  • Added ability to limit the number of points scorers in team events.

  • Added ability to choose whether team events are ranked or not.

  • Added nearest rider information to broadcast API.

  • Added event group information to broadcast API.

  • Added selected gear information for Stages SB20 bikes.

  • Added lots more new teams.

  • Improved bot AI to not chase down team mates in a break.

  • Improved placement of FIT file lap markers during a workout.

  • Improved stability of BLE layer when disconnecting from devices.

  • Improved resilience of ANT+ layer throughout.

  • Improved underlying infrastructure for web requests.

  • Improved underlying infrastructure for broadcasting.

  • Improved underlying infrastructure for login process.

  • Improved underlying infrastructure for handling server errors.

  • Improved disallowed word filter.

  • Fixed bug with bot simulated heartrate when deciding to quit an event.

  • Fixed bug with minimap when a new player joins the world.

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