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indieVelo Update Version V0.2.8 Released July 31, 2023

The latest indieVelo update V0.2.8 released July 31, 2023, introduces the popular and highly-requested race mode-Team Scratch Racing. The timing is perfect!

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indieVelo is continuing to focus fully on developing the features you want.  This week’s release (see below for full details) introduces one of the most highly requested race modes: Team Scratch Racing.

This new race format allows you and your team mates to race together, and contribute to an overall team points total based on your individual finish positions.  Results are all given live and in-game, updated instantly for everyone to see every time a rider crosses the line. 

All aspects of an event are also completely configurable – routes, laps, number of teams, the sizes of the teams, and of course how many team points each finish position is worth.  Try it out by either joining one of the many regularly scheduled events with full and competitive fields tailored to exactly your ability that run all day, every day, or create your own custom event, whenever and however you like it.

indieVelo Teams in pen
Photo courtesy of Beta-tester Tim Smith

Alongside this there are the usual array of quality of life improvements – everything from new UI and broadcast features through to bug fixes and stability enhancements – all driven by your feedback.  Thank you all again for all your support, ideas and suggestions.  It is truly extraordinary what we can achieve together by focusing on our shared vision for the future of online cycling.

Find out more about how you can get involved and help shape the future of online cycling by clicking here.

If all has gone well, then you shouldn’t have to do anything to get the new version, as indieVelo will just self-update the next time you start it up.

If you find any problems however, instructions on how to manually update are on the website:

The full patch notes are below!

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“Please do keep your ideas and suggestions coming – every shared thought you have on how to make indieVelo better, really does help make it better!  It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in just a few weeks, and I can’t wait to see how it continues to develop in the future.  Thank you again for all your support.”

indieVelo founder Dr. George Gilbert

Photo courtesy of Beta-tester Tim Smith

Patch Notes – V0.2.8 – Key changes from last version

  • Added team scratch races.
  • Added other rider locations to mini-map.
  • Added ability to configure transparency of power graph / route profile.
  • Added draft and event data to broadcast API.
  • Added lots more teams (including new bot teams).
  • Improved bot AI when sprinting.
  • Improved gridding in the pen in team events.
  • Improved drone camera angles for better side-on views.
  • Improved responsiveness of ERG mode when training.
  • Improved broadcast API to provide easier compatibility with vMix.
  • Improved broadcast API to rate limit information to 4 updates per second.
  • Improved resilience of BLE layer to devices that stop responding.
  • Improved resilience of server to errors from clients.
  • Improved diagnostics for server errors.
  • Fixed bug with UI settings not always being saved when logging out.
  • Fixed bug with memory usage when doing Web requests.
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