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indieVelo August 2023 Challenges Announced

The indieVelo August 2023 monthly challenge includes Training and Racing elements, including cumulative distance totals and Kilo ITT. Plus the results of last month's challenge.

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It’s August already! The cycling esports off-season is flying by! Time for a new set of challenges! There’s something there for everyone, so don’t miss the chance to test your form!

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Back on the flat again for one last time before the winter season starts to ramp up in September. All rides count (free riding, pacing, training, racing), and your challenge is your cumulative total distance for the month.


OK, so the consensus is that long time trials hurt. Let’s go for a short one instead….will still hurt though, just in a different way.

Every hour throughout the month, there’s a special Kilometer Time Trial event (2 laps of the velodrome) running in-game and highlighted in gold in the events tab in the The Hub.

You can enter as many times as you like, and your challenge is to post the fastest time you can.

Both these challenges are now active on the server, so feel free to get started straight away. Good luck, and have fun!

Check out the June Challenge Final Standings here!

Congratulations to all July 2023 Challengers!

indieVelo July Challenge climbing training
Overall Final Standing for July 2023: Climbing (L) and TT (R)
Women's Final Standings for July 2023: Climbing (L) and TT (R)

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