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How-to-Guide—indieVelo From Your Phone: VloMote Touch Portal

indieVelo VloMote uses the Touch Portal app to give remote access to shortcuts and keyboard chat functions from your mobile device.

indieVelo Vlomote instructions

VloMote: Install Guide


There are 3 elements that make up the VloMote Touch Portal setup: the Touch Portal PC/Mac server application, the Touch Portal mobile app, and the VloMote Touch Portal profile.

In order to import the VloMote profiles, you need the pro version of Touch Portal.

This is a one-off fee of £12.99!

indieVelo Touch Portal Application

VloMote: Touch Portal PC server

Visit and click ‘downloads’ in the top bar. Select your operating system to download and install the server application.

VloMote: Touch Portal App

VloMote: Connect Server/App

Follow the start up guides after installing both applications. That should guide you through connecting the app to the server. Ensure you set Touch Portal to start at system boot.

VloMote: Import Pages

VloMote is made up of 4 pages that need to be imported separately.

Click on image to download the VloMote Touch Portal Page!

In TouchPortal windows/mac, click the settings icon in the top left, and click ‘import page’

Select the first page file. This will now be imported.

After importing all 4 pages, select the ‘VloMote-Main’ page, and select ‘set as default page’.

indieVelo VloMote Touch Portal 1

You cannot delete the original (main) page. You should be left with the 4 VloMote pages and 1 blank (main) page.

Open the Touch Portal mobile app. You should see the 4 VloMote pages and be able to navigate between them. Remember they send keyboard presses to your PC/Mac, so only use it once in-game!

Note this was set up for my specific device, so some of the size and scaling of buttons may not be correct. Feel free to customise the pages in Touch Portal, and report if anything doesn’t work correctly.

VloMote: Troubleshooting

If the desktop application is showing as connected to the mobile device, but the pages are not displaying, enter the settings menu on the mobile app and click ‘restore in app purchases’. You may need to do this a couple of times.

Special thanks to Beta-tester James Eastwood for his hard work!

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