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How-to-Guide—indieVelo Pacebots

indieVelo Pacebots are continual steady group rides rolling around The Island, and there's one for everybody. Here's how to join in!

The indieVelo Hub is the go-to spot for discovering Pacebot rides offered by indieVelo. Think of these Pacebot rides like ongoing cycling clubs circling throughout the indieVelo universe, always ready for you to join in.

The ingenious feature of Pacebots is how they support riders in their vicinity. If you are within 50 meters behind a Pacebot, you get an extra draft, which is a fancy term for reducing wind resistance, making your pedaling more efficient. And for those ahead of the bot, it adjusts its speed slightly to ensure everyone stays together in a cohesive group.

indieVelo How-to-Guide Pacebots Hub Screen

Here’s a handy tip: Your position in relation to the bot determines your workout intensity. Want a harder workout? Stay ahead of the bot. Looking for a gentler pace? Just hang out behind the bot.

As for the power ranges mentioned in the Hub menu, think of them as the energy or effort you’ll need to match each Pacebot’s speed. It’s a personalized guideline designed according to your profile. For example, if you’re a heavier rider, expect to exert more power than lighter riders, especially when the Pacebot takes you on a rolling route.

The pacebots are colored according to Training Zones, and you can join your favorite from The Hub by accessing the “Pace” section.

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indieVelo How-to-Guide Pacebots

Introducing Your Pacebots!

Oli Obsidian: 90 to 110w

Suzie Sapphire: 115 to 135w

Eddie Emerald: 135 to 165w

Anna Amber: 155 to 195

Cyril Citrine: 180 to 220w

Roxy Ruby: 205 to 245w

Aaron Amethyst: 225 to 275w

Daisy Diamond: 245 to 305w

indieVelo How-to-Guide Pacebots in dramatic sunset scene

Here are some exciting ways you can utilize the Pacebots

  • Warm-up and Cooldown: Preparing for a race or challenging group ride? Join a friendly pack to get your legs warmed up. It’s more enjoyable than riding alone. Plus, it’s a great way to switch into group ride mode.

  • Practice Group Riding and Drafting: Still mastering the art of drafting and riding efficiently in indieVelo? Pacebot groups are the ideal environment to learn. Experiment with different positions in the group, and you’ll notice how your effort level changes based on whether you’re leading, trailing, or nestled somewhere in the middle.

  • Ride Long and Steady: Need a steady pace for your workout? With Pacebots, you can always predict the pace, making them perfect for consistent training or long-distance rides.

  • Do Some Unstructured Intervals: Spice up your interval training by joining a Pacebot-led group. It’s more fun than solo workouts. Challenge yourself by leading for a set number of minutes, or drop to the back and then sprint to catch up.

  • Test Your Fitness: Want to test your limits? Pick a Pacebot that rides faster than your usual race pace, and see how long you can keep up. It’s a great way to measure your progress and set new goals.

  • Meet Up With a Friend: Looking for a riding buddy? Simply tell your friend which Pacebot group you’ll be joining, and they can hop in any time they wish!

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Check out indieVelo—How-to-Guides for more helpful tips and tricks!

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