indieVelo—”Flat Eight” Route Details

The indieVelo "Flat Eight" Route-7.7km (4.7 mi), elevation 73m (239 ft)-a flat route 94 percent of the time, but that 6 percent has 15%!

indieVelo Flat Eight Route Map gif
Courtesy of Beta-tester Luciano Pollastri!

Route Description

indieVelo Flat Eight Route Basics

One of the eighteen original Beta routes rolled out on The Island in 2023, the Flat Eight route is, as its title suggests, a flat route most of the time. 94% of the time, exactly. Three leg-searing pitches share the other 6%.

The route winds through most of the northeast portion of the Island and includes a 3.3km lead-in with one of the three difficulties of the route, starting at km 1.9 for 500m at a 4.5% average gradient, with spikes up to 10%.

The second climb begins at km 4.9 and is 200m long at an 8% average gradient, with pitches to 15%. You read correctly: FIFTEEN PERCENT. The last is a tiny bump of 150m at 4%, starting at km 10.2 and less than one km before the banner.

The route is 7.7km long from the second lap, including only the last two leg snappers, starting at km 1.6 and 6.9, respectively.

The hills spread across the route, so if you had the wrong idea to breakaway in one of them, the flats in between are usually long enough to allow bigger packs to swallow back fugitives. 

There is a 1.8km flat segment between the first and the second hill and a 4.5km flat segment between the second and the third hill. Multi-laps events in Flat Eights quickly become torture, where some people drop and die in each of them.

In conclusion, whoever had the genius idea to call the route Flat Eight is definitely:

1) an utterly optimistic person, seeing the half-full glass by default and forgetting about those three climbs.

2) someone who was up to prank all of us, misleading the unwitting crowd into an alleged flat still highly lactic productive route.

Not to point fingers, but that person’s name starts with a G and finishes with an E. 

Thanks Luciano!

indieVelo Flat Eight Route Card

Courtesy of Beta-tester Roman Edelhelfer!

Route Profile

indieVelo Flat Eight 3D profile
Flat Eight 2D route profile

Route details and description courtesy of Beta-tester Andras Beck!

Courtesy of Beta-tester Damon Bates of ZMS Esports Studio!

Check out the indieVelo-Route Descriptions page for more useful recon information.

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