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Zwift’s New Roads Are Path to Virtual Cycling’s Bright Future

Zwift and Wahoo RGT released significant game updates in the span of two weeks, marking another giant leap forward for virtual cycling.

Zwift new urukazi road with waterfall

The indoor cycling season is ramping up as the temps dip colder in parts of the world, but the battle to elevate the standard is heating to a boil. In the next phase of virtual cycling’s one-upmanship, the two major players have released significant game updates in the span of two weeks that raised the experience bar even further for its users. 


On October 25, 2022, Wahoo-RGT announced the release of several highly sought upgrades. “Daylight savings mark the start of the indoor training season for many,” according to Wahoo spokesperson Dana Berry-Monroe, “so we timed our exciting new features and updates to launch at this time.” The release included the first-of-its-kind Voice Chat feature and several other elements.  

Zwift responded on November 9, 2022, with a package of improvement upgrades highlighted by the addition of never-before-ridden virtual roads to the delight of its subscriber base. The November 2021 introduction of Neokyo, Zwift’s take on the neon lights and hustle-bustle of urban Tokyo, included the serene coastal landscape of the fictional Makuri Islands.

Zwift Urukazi Road Expansion

Zwift Opens Urukazi Roads

  • Zwifters Find Stunning Scenery and Easter Eggs in Urukazi
  • There are Eight new routes for Zwifters to get!

Wahoo-RGTs New Roads Preview 2023 Worlds Course

rgt dunoon crossover roads

Wahoo-RGT Adds Teleportation, and Zwift Responds with Join a Rider

Zwift Join a rider feature

and, Both Virtual Cycling Platforms Have Pace “RoBots” Now

Is the Urukazi expansion a prelude to bigger things like the oft-requested Mt. Fuji? Are the improvements made by Wahoo RGT the next step in the evolution of Wahoo X and its unique ecosystem of year-round riding, structured training, racing, and challenges, indoors and out?

Indoor cyclists hope the high-stakes leapfrog game continues—another giant leap for virtual cycling.

and it's all, One More Giant Leap For Virtual Cycling!

Read the full report featured on Cycling Weekly!

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