Is There a Virtual Cycling Arms Race?

On the heels of significant release updates, the industry-leading virtual cycling platforms are changing the game at a never before seen pace, and virtual cycling is the winner.

RGT Dunoon Crossover overhead shot
Photo courtesy TLBVelo photography

In the struggle for supremacy this 2022 indoor cycling season, the superpowers have faced off in a battle to claim their stake in the virtual cycling landscape. The opening salvo came from Zwift in early September with an ambitious rollout featuring a host of improvements.

Wahoo-RGT recently returned fire when on October 25, it announced the immediate release of several highly sought upgrades. The cycling community is the victor in this virtual arms race as the many platforms push to raise the bar.

RGT voice chat feature
Photo: VCN

Voice Chat is on RGT

Zwift Has Holoreplay

RGT Has Real Bots and Teleportation

RGTs New Real Road Previews Scotland's World Championship Course

Photo courtesy of TLBVelo photography

Zwift to Add Urukazi Road Expansion to Makuri Island

Zwift Urukazi Road Expansion
Photo: Zwift

Zwift Hub Smart Trainer and Wahoo X

Wahoo RGT X image
Photo courtesy of TLBVelo photography

All the Virtual Cycling Platforms are Upping the Game

Zwift virtual cycling avatar with large head

and Virtual Cycling is the Winner!

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