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DIRT Dad Fundo Across America—Day Fifty-One

“Success lies not in eliminating our troubles and mistakes, but in growing through and with them” ~John C. Maxwell

It happened again! The supreme cycling-being giveth a challenging day on the road and then taketh away any concern or question to reveal one of the most beautiful days of the ride. The winding, lonely backroads through crisp country air gave me the chance to meet-up with a mate. We took every opportunity to make the most of it!

Jason Wild is a long-time DIRT member who lives on Grand Island with his wife and three daughters. He is in data and analytics for an international bank and cleared his schedule to join me for the ride to Rochester.

Jason had a tremendous showing in an IRONMAN 70.3 recently. We exchanged stories and learned about one another as we tackled the steep western NY climbs. I loved every bit of it!

Jason’s daughter made me a DIRT-themed bracelet matching his to commemorate. I’ll never forget the day my new forever friend took a moment from his life to support my journey. Some great local IPAs, too. Thank you, Jason!

We eventually had to go in separate ways. Ours was to the home of Uncle Ken, my father and Uncle Rudy’s brother, and Aunt Chris. They live in a beautiful lakefront spot overlooking the Irondequoit bay that opens to Lake Ontario.


Kayla learned how to water ski, I added another Great Lake to my swimming list, and we all enjoyed lakeside peace and fun. We’ve never had the chance to sit down with our northern relatives and spend time getting to know each other and the bonds that unite us.


Eight Metre sailboats are one step down from the 12s competing for America’s Cup, and my Aunt and Uncle raced theirs all over the world. My Uncles are the closest thing I have to my Dad, and it was a proud moment to sit beside my family and let them see what makes us us.


We thoroughly enjoyed the carefree moments over a bountiful barbeque in view of the bay. The ride is less about the bike and more about the days. Today is another we will never forget. 

About the DIRT Dad Fundo Pledge for Day Fifty-One—Owen O’Connor

Owen is one of the first friends I made on a bike and has been there during the highs and lows. Like when he led the team delivering me to my first and only big road racing win and the gruesome group ride incident that led to my diagnosis. Thank you for aways being there, good or bad!


Here is what Owen had to say—”All the best to you and the family support with this!”


Amount Raised to Date—$9,479


Thank you, Owen!


Now off to Waterloo, NY!

To support Chris in his effort to raise awareness of The DIRT Dad Fund, the non-profit he created to assist members of the worldwide cycling community, check out this link to learn more. 

Find out where you can pledge a donation and subscribe to The ZOMs newsletter to follow along on the journey.

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