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DIRT Dad Fundo Across America—Day Twenty

“You never have the wind with you — either it is against you or you’re having a good day.” Daniel Behrman

Reveille came early for the Schwenk Tank crew. We drove to the scene of the meltdown. The place where my body and mind called it quits. I needed a sign that everything was going to be okay. That today was another day and yesterday was just that—yesterday.


I settled into a steady warm-up pace and noticed a shadow in my periphery. It hovered there, matching my pace. Almost as if it was more curious about me than I was of it. Or was it watching over me?

The most majestic bald eagle you’ve ever seen flew from pole to pole, a reassuring companion for several miles. It was the sign I needed. I was soaring.

I paid my debt to the mileage man, rolled through Baggs, WY, and kept on going. Birds aren’t real! I thought so!

What do you get for crossing the Continental Divide twice in one ride? The only one who knew, this granddaddy of a pronghorn antelope, was unimpressed.

Rawlins, WY seems like a lovely city, but I couldn’t tell if it was coming or going. I was going well today, and finishing the ride with dignity and a smile was a nice feeling. Western Hill Campground is nice, too.

About the DIRT Dad Fundo Pledge for Day Twenty—Dean Nordhielmm

Here is what Dean had to say—”I’m Dean Nordhielm, I’m relatively new to DIRT (started in November 2022). In addition to $3 / mile, I would like to donate $5 / person you can get to tell you to “ride on” (you must be riding) and $10 / person you get to sprint against you for at least a minute (plus another $5 if you beat them)”


Sorry, Dean! I have seen a total of 5 cyclists since I set out twenty days ago. I probably couldn’t outsprint any of them. I do admire your spirit and true to the DIRT way of ‘upping the ante.’


Amount Raised to Date—$4,392


Thank you, Dean!


Now off to Alcova, WY!

To support Chris in his effort to raise awareness of The DIRT Dad Fund, the non-profit he created to assist members of the worldwide cycling community, check out this link to learn more. 

Find out where you can pledge a donation and subscribe to The ZOMs newsletter to follow along on the journey.

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1 year ago

Great ride! Stay strong, and don’t be too proud to take a few days of rest if that’s what you need. The road isn’t going anywhere.

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