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indieVelo Update Version V0.2.11 Released August 21, 2023

The latest indieVelo update V0.2.10 released August 14, 2023, includes TWO NEW ROUTES!

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This week’s release (see below for full details) focuses on new routes and improving the quality and ease of setting up the many events now broadcast or streamed. On top of this, there’s a vast array of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to make using indieVelo smoother and more accessible than ever.

  • Drome To Dome is a new mixed terrain point-to-point route. Starting with two laps of the velodrome, you’ll cover approximately 20 km / 12 miles of flat to rolling terrain before two ferocious climbs take you up 500m / 1500ft of ascent, finishing with a 15% gradient kicker at the mountain top finish.
  • Coastal Loop Reverse is a newly modified lap. Now precisely 10.0 miles (16.1 km) on a near-flat course, it’s ideally suited for Time Trials and comes with a brand new intermediate timing marker at the halfway point to keep you updated with your progress or a handy new place for points scoring and eliminations if that’s more your style of race.
  • Broadcasters and streamers can now achieve professional quality by switching between pre-set views in external broadcast software (OBS, vMix,, etc.) by placing multiple cameras into their events. There are also improved drone camera controls for fine-grained placement and movement of cameras in real-time using a mouse or trackpad.
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If all has gone well, you shouldn’t have to do anything to get the new version, as indieVelo will self-update the next time you start it up. If you find any problems, however, instructions on how to manually update are on the website:

Please note that, depending on when you installed indieVelo, you may see a warning message recommending that you update the installer/launcher to the latest version. If you see this, download it again from, and the update will automatically apply. The entire process typically takes a minute or two, often much less.

The full patch notes are below!

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“As always, your suggestions drive all of these enhancements. Please keep them coming; they’re hugely appreciated, and every comment helps tailor indieVelo toward being what you’re looking for in your training and racing.”

indieVelo founder Dr. George Gilbert

indieVelo Forest Velodrome

Patch Notes – V0.2.11 – Key changes from last version

  • Added new route: Drome to Dome with mountain top finish.

  • Added extra points / timing location on the west coast.

  • Added camera-only account type, with ability to view any race.

  • Added team results to CSV export of results.

  • Added mouse click-and-drag control for drone camera.

  • Added notification if the cameras are turned off.

  • Added full support for Tacx Neo Bike buttons / gears / rider weight.

  • Improved Coastal Loop Reverse route to be exactly 10 miles.

  • Improved drafting algorithm to take account of more riders.

  • Improved event roster to show events 2 weeks in advance.

  • Improved event menu to show full date of events.

  • Improved display of why a rider is ineligible to enter an event.

  • Improved nearest rider list in events to show those further away.

  • Improved custom power zones to show scale in raw watts.

  • Improved CSV export of results to include pen number.

  • Improved way email addresses are securely stored.

  • Improved install process.

  • Improved login process.

  • Improved terraforming.

  • Improved diagnostics for routing calculations.

  • Fixed bug with non-team riders in human only team races.

  • Fixed bug with scaling of power targets in .ERG workout files.

  • Fixed bug with positioning of riders in pens.

  • Fixed bug with log spam if Discord is installed but not running.

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