indieVelo Update Version V0.2.5 Released July 10, 2023

The latest indieVelo update V0.2.5 released July 10, 2023, brings the excitement and comradery of Team Points Racing to the platform.

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Racing with others, not just against others, is the secret sauce of online sport. It inspires us to perform at our best and helps push us to ever more extraordinary achievements. It’s why the indieVelo community has prioritized the creation of teams and why the platform’s founders are delighted that this week’s release (see below for full details) includes an exciting new way of competing online: Team Points Races

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Team Points Races are just like regular points races, but the points awarded at each sprint location contribute to your team’s total. With live on-screen updates, you’ll always know exactly what you’re racing for, and every point won in every location makes a real and visible difference to your team. With you and your teammates’ success at stake, you’ll never push yourself harder!

Get started immediately, either by creating your own team (full details are here: or if you want to try it out, hop into one of the many regular scheduled team races, and indieVelo will automatically allocate you to a temporary team for the event.

If all has gone well, then you shouldn’t have to do anything to get the new version, as indieVelo will just self-update the next time you start it up.

If you find any problems however, instructions on how to manually update are on the website:

The full patch notes are below!

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“As ever, this and all the other additions and improvements in this release have come from your suggestions – you are all amazing. With 100% of indieVelo’s roadmap decided by the community, please keep your ideas coming for what you would like to see and how you would like indieVelo to continue growing and developing. Many thanks again for your continued support!

indieVelo founder Dr. George Gilbert

indieVelo Team Racing

Meet Your indieVelo Teams!

Aero Anacondas Breakaway Bison
Chainring Cougars Drafting Dolphins
Echelon Eagles Flamme Falcons
GC Gorillas HC Hares
Indie Iguanas Jumping Jaguars
KOM Kangaroos Leadout Lions
Motorpaced Mongooses Neutral Nightingales
Overtaking Otters Puncheur Pantheurs
QOM Quokkas Rouleur Raccoons
Shifting Sharks Turbo Tigers
Urban Urchins Velo Vipers
Watt Wolves Xplosive Xeruses
Yellow Yaks Zooming Zebras
indieVelo Team Racing 1

Patch Notes – V0.2.5 – Key changes from last version

  • Added Team Points races.

  • Added rider start list to event broadcast stream.

  • Added indicator of rider position in group rides.

  • Added ability to select junction direction with Tacx Neo Bike buttons.

  • Improved custom event creation UI to grey-out invalid configuration options.

  • Improved fastest speed statistic to exclude speeds set with rubberbanding.

  • Improved client resilience to trainers sending invalid data.

  • Improved server resilience to clients sending invalid data.

  • Improved support for Stages powermeters.

  • Improved various UI alignments.

  • Improved logging of network dropouts.

  • Fixed bug with broadcast mode that could cause indieVelo to briefly pause.

  • Fixed bug with race ratings if a riders first event is an unranked event.

  • Fixed bug with points race results if a rider quits before the finish.

  • Fixed bug with rubberbanding in group rides still applying after finishing.

  • Fixed bug with FIT file lap markers sometimes being added multiple times.

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