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indieVelo—”North Lake Loop Reverse” Route Details

The indieVelo "North Lake Loop" Route-2.4km (1.5 mi), elevation 49m (160 ft)-simply a lap the other way around the North Lake of the Island!

North Lake Loop Reverse map gif
Courtesy of Beta-tester Luciano Pollastri!

Route Description

indieVelo North Lake Loop Route Basics

One of the eighteen original Beta routes rolled out on The Island in 2023North Lake Loop Reverse is essentially the mirror version of the North Lake Loop, circling—you guessed it—North Lake of the Island.

It’s perfect for multi-lap elimination races, featuring two hills that will inevitably sap your oxygen levels.

Friendly Health Note: If your home SpO2 reading drops below 95%, contact your healthcare provider. 🙂

North Lake Loop Reverse is your ideal training ground for those adept at one-minute intervals at 140% FTP.

It’s a puncheur’s paradise!

There’s hardly any time for recovery between these hills, so brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride.

The race quickly turns into a last-man-standing contest due to the repetition of these short but grueling efforts.

In multi-lap (5-10 laps) elimination races on this loop, survival mode kicks in just a few hundred meters past the starting line. Throughout the race, you’ll feel like you’re either a hamster running in a wheel or tumbling around in a washing machine.

Thanks Luciano!

indieVelo North Lake Loop Reverse Route Card

Courtesy of Beta-tester Roman Edelhelfer!

Hill Number Distance Gradient
1 450m 3% avg.
2 450m 5% avg.
3 250m 5% avg.

Route Profile

indieVelo NorthLakeLoopReverse3D
indieVelo North Lake Loop Reverse 2D

Route details and description courtesy of Beta-tester Andras Beck!

Courtesy of Beta-tester Damon Bates of ZMS Esports Studio!

Check out the indieVelo-Route Descriptions page for more useful recon information.

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