indieVelo—”Switchback Hill Climb” Route Details

The indieVelo "Switchback Hill Climb" Route-3.9km (2.4 mi), elevation 169m (554 ft)-a proper climb with switchbacks even!

indieVelo Switchback Hill Climb map gif
Courtesy of Beta-tester Luciano Pollastri!

Route Description

indieVelo Switchback Hill Climb Route Basics


One of the eighteen original Beta routes rolled out on The Island in 2023Switchback Hill Climb is a 4.1 km/2.55 mi. and 169m/555 ft. elevation route and the scene of many all-out Individual Time Trial Challenges.

Switchback Hill Climb starts from South Lake with a 1.7 km (1.1 mi.) flat portion we are making sure to mention because the likelihood that you will remember it at the end of the route is probably zero. 

The main reason is the Switchback Hill Climb, a 2.3 km (1.4 mi.) long incline with an average gradient of 6.9% that pitches to 11%.

The climb is relatively steady, between 8% and 10% for the first 1.5 km (.9 mi.) Spoiler: The pain in your legs will be a controlled burn too, but closer to 100%.

Then it allows you to breathe with a 250 m 3% section. A better option is to invoke all the gods and goddesses you can conjure in your mind in preparation for the last 500 m, between 8 and 10%, which maxes out at 14%

indieVelo SwitchBack Hill Climb Route Card

Courtesy of Beta-tester Roman Edelhelfer!

Route Profile

Route details and description courtesy of Beta-tester Andras Beck!

Summarized like that in a few words, it does not sound as utterly painful as it is: don’t take our word for it. Suffer it for yourself!

Thanks, Luciano!

Courtesy of Beta-tester Damon Bates of ZMS Esports Studio!

Check out the indieVelo-Route Descriptions page for more useful recon information.

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