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Team INC-led Group Sets Zwift Sub-4 Hour 200 km Mark

In a massive team effort, sixteen strongmen and women are the first to the epic achievement—200 Zwift Km in under 4 hours on Saturday, February 25, 2023

Check out the Cool Video! It will make you want to ride through a wall!

“The feeling in the start pen was electric,” shares Raj Gautam. Seeing friends arrive raised the group’s excitement to be part of this was amazing. They set off as one team and friends brought together into one group by the team INC ride leaders.


One hundred fifteen riders were on the start list, but the ominous undertaking left some questioning their life choices, and 75 were waiting in the pen.

Click the image for the Strava link

The Start and Hour One

“We had a slower start than the other distance,” notes leader Romaric Eloud. The group of strong men and women took ten minutes to get organized at top cruising speed.

"Felt like a part of a PRO peloton. Even though it was waaaay above my comfort zone, I endured. When I got dropped, I rejoined. And then again and again."

During the fast and furious first two hours, they slowly built a time buffer with solid riders dedicated to sacrificing for the cause. The group quickly dwindled from 74 to 50 after 1 hour at a blazing pace of 51.3 kph.

Zwift sub 4-hour 200 km at 100 km
100 km

The Second Hour—Sweet Spot

“The second hour at 51 kph with lower numbers but still some watt mobs in front,” Roma recalls, and “I was mostly at sweet spot, saving my legs for the second part.” The cohesive clan clocked 100 km twenty seconds faster than their successful sub-two-hour record haul several weeks ago.

"It was special for me when Roma text chatted, "everyone who finishes this ride will forever be my friend." It was about 2:30 into the ride, and it was getting harder for everyone. I could also feel Roma's dedication. I struggled then as fatigue set in with 90 minutes to go. It helped me overcome the mental challenge because who doesn't want to be his friend?"

Zwift sub 4-hour 200 km at 150 kkm
150 km

The well-oiled machine fired on 25 rider cylinders entering the third hour, fueling the 50.7 kph average. “I started to take pulls in front,” says Roma, “30 seconds every 4 to 5 min.”

"After finishing 100 km and then 150 km, I thought we had reached our limit and that 200 km would not be possible, but we made it! Thanks to a fantastic team, including Aliens, Vikings, and other heroes, and our leader, Romaric Eloud. I will never forget this epic event."

Zwift sub-4 hour 200 km at 100 miles
100 miles

Hour Three—Sacrifice and Panic

Some mates dropped to take a Tempus Fugit lap of recovery before putting it all on the line and giving their all for the team. Like participant Falk Doering, who parked his bike, waited, and did the last 50 km hard for the team.

"There was tremendous team spirit on the ride. If the mantra "one team, one ride, one goal" weren’t with us, there would have been more people dropping, more riders satisfied with hitting their milestones (100k, 150k, etc.), and not looping back in, and we wouldn't have been successful as a team."

They broke the current 150 km record the team set on January 14, 2023, and managed to keep a 2 min and 20-second lead at the three-hour mark.

Zwift sub 4-hour 200 km ride data
Rob Wood's 2:15 of sacrifice!

“On behalf of everyone,” ride leader Roma humbly says, “a big thank you is given to Team Vikings for turning up and giving incredible performances until the very end. We should also give a special mention to INC’s very own Rob Wood, of whom absolutely blasted through 2 hours 15 minutes of relentless intervals with 30s on 180s off!”

The INC Ride Leader Squad

Zwift sub-3 hour 150km Romaric Cloud
Ride leader and organizer, Roma!
Romaric on the road
Ben Finesilver's Alien Speed Machine
Romaric Eloud Headshot
Romaric Eloud

Romaric holds the Zwift 24-hour record set in 2021 when his group covered 1028km at a grueling average pace of 42.8km/h. The record remains, and you can check Strava if you want. Markus Meir, Matthias Petry, Andreas Dietrich, David Cresswell, and Ben Finesilver rounded out the leaders’ squad.

Markus Meir
Matthias Petry
Matthias Petry
Andreas Dietrich
David Cresswell
David Cresswell

The Fourth and Final Hour—Success and Satisfaction

As the attempt’s fourth hour pressed on, the select 17 elite riders watched as the pace slowed and the record appeared in peril. They banded together when the group saw the pace nearing the 50 kpm threshold for success.

"In the last 100 km, I upped my effort again not to leave anything on the table, and I emptied my tank bringing in the last km by leading in until 400m to go. I was totally done. We suffered together, and we will always remember this ride. It’s why we ride bikes. To do crazy epic things."

Team INC had Glenn Utteridge, a teammate who was a big part of the 100km and 150km record rides, in their thoughts. Glenn was severely injured recently in a traffic accident.

Seeing everyone give their time and share their struggles and spirit to help the team is a fantastic team effort. We do this for many reasons, for friends, how we feel in our hearts, and for each other. Thanks, everyone, for allowing me to share in the moments. I feel very proud. We all share this achievement together! Yahoo! ❤️

ZwiftPower of sub 4-hour 200 km

In a massive team effort, sixteen strongmen and women are the first to the epic achievement—200 Zwift Km in under 4 hours!

The Final Kilometer Celebration and Congratulations!

The celebration!

A Brief History of Team INC—Innovation Cycling

Kyle Augustin formed Team INC (Innovation Cycling) in February 2017. Chris Loake and Gavin Richardson were on the first rides and remain ride leaders today alongside a large core group of fantastic and brilliant ride leaders and racers from various cycling backgrounds. Together they aimed to be Relentless by removing the friendly back-patting and adding some discomfort to Zwift group riding. In a Type II fun and supportive way, of course! 

They do this by leading rides using FTP percentage or color zones rather than wkg and organizing training adapted to an individual rider’s ability. The iconic Alien head on the INC in-game kit comes from the early days they rode together in the Dell Alienware threads.

Team INC has grown to embrace the mantra, “If you didn’t vomit, you didn’t try hard enough.” Despite where you fall on the “healthy relationship with exercise” spectrum, suffice it to say that they’re a hard-working bunch.

Team INC Zwift avatar

What's Next? Join the "Out of This World Zwift Records" Facebook Group to find out

This was an incredible event. One that created and strengthened friendships. We aim to host various record attempts regularly, and to be a team without borders, inclusive of all people from any and all teams.

Cycling is about facing challenges. You can make a difference! Join our new FB group, “Out of This World Zwift Records” We need your watts!

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6 months ago

Way to go team. CAN’T WAIT to give Ben a congratulatory kiss!

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