I’m a Cyclist and Physical Therapist, and This is My In-Season Total Body Strength Maintenance Program

Co-Authors: Christopher Schwenker and Joy Murphy

TRX Routine for Cyclists

Follow this 8-exercise TRX Routine for Cyclists home program to keep your strength gains without sacrificing cycling training time.

You’ve done all the heavy lifting, whether in your home gym or a nearby commercial facility, and you’re ready to move on.

You’ve successfully navigated the initial four phases of the Cyclist’s Periodized Strength Training program. The only thing left to do is maintain those strength, power, and muscular endurance gains by moving on to the fifth and final phase—Strength Maintenance with this TRX Routine for Cyclists.

For a complete guide to Periodized Strength Training for Cyclists, check out this The ZOM article.

Time is tight as you transition to prioritize on-the-bike training, and you are looking for a way to fit it all in. Suspension training, commonly known as TRX, is a great way.


Suspension training is a versatile, effective, and efficient way to utilize your body weight for total body training using only one piece of equipment that takes up little space. Suspension training provides multiple unique benefits and is my go-to when I lack time to get to the gym but know I need to maintain.

Here is my total body Suspension TRX Routine for Cyclists in-season strength maintenance program.

Hold the handles while facing the straps. Begin with feet shoulder width apart. Slowly bend your knees until your thighs are almost parallel with the floor. Be sure that your knees are in line with and never pass in front of your toes as you go down. Return to the standing position and repeat.

Single-Leg Squat

Hold the handles while facing the straps. Stand on one leg and extend the opposite leg in front. While keeping your stance side knee in line with your toes, bend your knee without letting it pass in front of your foot. Return to the upright position and repeat.

Reverse Lunge

Hold the handles while facing the straps. Stand on one leg and reach the other leg behind as you bend your knee remaining in line with your foot. Return to a standing position and repeat.

Bridge Hamstring Curl and Hip Abduction Combo

Sit on the floor facing the straps and attach the handles to your heels. Lie down with your knees straight and raise your buttocks off the floor (bridge position). Hold the position and bend your knees to perform a hamstring curl. Straighten your knees to the starting position. With your legs straight, separate them to perform a split motion and then bring them back together again. Repeat the combo while maintaining a bridge position.

Chest Press

Hold the handles while facing away from the straps with your arms in front and your feet behind. Bend your elbows and lower your body into a push-up position while keeping your trunk straight and spine neutral. Extend your elbows and push-up to the starting position and repeat.

Tricep Extention

Hold the handles while facing away from the straps. Begin in the standing position with your arms outstretched in front and your elbows straight. Bend your elbows and lower your body forward keeping your elbows inward. Return to the original position by straightening your elbows and repeat.


Hold the handles while facing the straps with your elbows bent. Lean back and allow your elbows to straighten. Then pull yourself up with your arms. Bend your elbows and pull them back as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and repeat.

Bicep Curl

Hold the handles while facing the straps with your elbows bent. Lean back as you let your elbows straighten. Return to the starting position by performing a bicep curl with your palms upward as you bend your elbows and repeat.

Click here for a downloadable written copy of The ZOM TRX Routine for Cyclists In-Season Total Body Strength Maintenance Program.

If strength training is your thing and you want to learn more, check out this guide to Strength Training Cycling Essentials and these tips for Functional Cycling Strength Training.

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Joe Randall
Joe Randall
6 months ago

Nice article. Got to go read the whole plan article. Zwift season is quickly approaching.

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