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DIRT Daughter Marlow Manison is Riding 360 Zwift Miles to Help Find a Cure For Her Dad’s Juvenile Diabetes

To help support Marlow, the daughter of long-time DIRT Allen Manison read on! If you have a dry eye when you are through—shame on you!

Foreword by proud DIRT Dad Allen Manison

My name is Allen Manison, and I have been an insulin-dependent diabetic since age 8. My daughter, Marlow, has chosen JDRF as her Bat Mitzvah fundraiser. JDRF is committed to curing over 1.6 million juvenile diabetics in our country and works to aid those with the disease who need assistance.


It’s time for a cure! Marlow knows it was my dad’s greatest desire for there to be a cure in his lifetime, and sadly, he was not able to live to see that. It is very personal for Marlow, and she is working very hard to ride 360 miles in 30 days.


It isn’t easy for Marlow because she is in a dual curriculum school, plays high-level travel soccer, and plays for her school basketball team. She is also a straight-A student!


Her goal of riding 360 miles is o raise $5000.00 for JDRF. As you know, it is no easy undertaking! I am so proud of her hard work and dedication, and I know with her hard work and the help of others, she will achieve her goals. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Editor's Note

I didn’t touch a word of this.  I didn’t have the heart!  Way to go Marlow!

In the words of Marlow Manison, herself!

To introduce my Bat Mitzvah fundraising project, my dad was diagnosed with type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes at age 8. Because of this, he didn’t have the same kind of childhood that other kids had. He had to get shots every day and check his blood sugar (he was diagnosed just as the transition was being made from urine sugar checking to blood).  My father was ashamed that he couldn’t be the “perfect” child for his dad, even though his dad didn’t care about this.  He only wanted him to be happy.  So, my grandfather tried everything so that my dad could feel normal.  My grandfather took him on many different skiing trips, supported all sports interests such as basketball, soccer, and karate, and ultimately made him feel like he was any normal kid.

It breaks my heart to share that my grandfather passed away recently at the age of 91 on November 16, 2021. He was the most amazing man you could ever meet, demonstrating an outgoing personality with selfless acts and the ability to never feel embarrassed. He was a tough marine with the heart of a rose. After my dad was diagnosed with diabetes, my grandfather made it his mission to work for a cure. He got (and got my dad) involved in fundraisers, donated time and money, kept correspondence with diabetes researchers around the world, and more.  My grandfather so wanted a cure for his son.  When there was a cure, he and my dad promised to share a chocolate bar together. That was his dream, and my dad’s, and it sadly never came true. It devastates my family to think about this.

My fundraiser is for JDRF, as it’s personal, and they are working hard for a cure.  When I bike, I know that I need to push. I know that I am working for an important cause and every mile I pedal counts. Every time I get on the bike, no matter hills, flats, mountains, or races, I push myself to be the best I can be. In addition, seeing my dad get on the bike and push himself inspires me to do the same. If he can do it, so can I. I’m very thankful for this opportunity and now I will work even harder to achieve my goal of 360 miles and hopefully raise at least 5,000 dollars for this cause.  It’s time for a cure!

What I have learned throughout this journey is that no matter what, work for what you believe in. In this case, whether it is biking after school, biking after a late soccer practice, biking instead of homework, biking while trying to do homework, etc… I know I am doing it for a reason. I also learned to never give up; never stop. After all, diabetics cannot just give up or stop.  The condition is 24/7/365.  Countless times, I have wanted to get off the bike and take a nice, long nap. However, I knew I needed to finish and I know I will not be able to forgive myself if I do not reach my goal of 360 miles. This experience has really motivated me to try harder in everything I do. Furthermore, the experience has made me want to bike more to stay healthy. In addition, I will continue to raise money for JDRF into the future as the cause is worthy and I know I am helping to reach the ultimate goal of finding a cure.

Thank you, Marlow! You are an amazing young woman.

Email your silent auction bid to before Thursday, February 17 at 12pm est.  All of the proceeds from your generous bid will go to the JDRF and you get a great piece of DIRT kit.  Win, win!

To support Marlow directly visit her JDRF Your Way donation page by clicking here!

Check out the DIRT Dad Fund page of The ZOM!

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1 year ago

Awesome work, Marlow! Keep it up!

What’s the story with the cup? It’s epic!

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