One of The Most Momentous Events in Virtual Cycling Recently Took Place, and Not Enough of Us Are Aware, But We All Should Be!

The introduction by RGT and Echelon of a handcycle and true-to-life avatar is a tremendous step forward on the path of accessibility and inclusion of disabled and adaptive athletes in virtual cycling.

At the end of the 2020 season, Project Echelon Racing, in a joint venture with RGT cycling, removed a groundbreaking barrier to virtual cycling inclusion. Project Echelon hosted the first virtual event dedicated to handcyclists in collaboration with the Tour of America’s Dairyland (ToAD). The response inspired the creation of the first virtual handcycling bike, lifelike avatar integration, and marked a momentous step on the journey toward the inclusion of disabled athletes.  


“ToAD has developed an amazing partnership with the Paralyzed Veterans of America,” states Eric Hill, co-founder of Project Echelon, “and it was important to them that we create this opportunity in the virtual space.” 

“We push the barriers and are redefining the space, bringing concepts and dreams held by real-world races to life virtually,” Eric passionately shares, “because we not only defined the boundaries, we removed the barriers.” Removing barriers is what they did when hosting the first of its kind online handcycling event.


“The event was a success, and the energy levels were high,” assures Eric, “but there was still a major problem: representation.”

The editorial board of the respected and trusted worldwide cycling publication Cyclingnews has proven a dedication to the inclusion and representation of adaptive athletes in all cycling venues by highlighting this feature.

Follow this link to the full text on and learn why more of us should be aware of this momentous event in the history of virtual cycling, and cycling in general. 

Your Thoughts?

Does the cost justify the benefit to adaptive and disabled athletes?  Comment below!  Your fellow virtual cyclists want to know.


Athletes who want to unlock the handcycle avatar must complete this online form after creating their free RGT cycling account:


There are several upcoming events for handcycling athletes, including Tulsa Tough and Intelligentsia Cup Criteriums, and Joe Martin Stage Race. Eric and Frank are also planning to host a North American Championship event for handcyclists and paracyclists.


Competitors may register for these events at:     

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[…] One of The Most Momentous Events in Virtual Cycling Recently Took Place, and Not Enough of Us Are Aw… […]

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