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The Cycling Performance Club Podcast

When the cutting edge cycling coach and sports scientist Jason Boynton Ph.D. asked for a contribution to his podcast, the answer was clear.

The Cycling Performance Club Podcast is a panel of scientists, pro-cyclists, and cutting-edge coaches discussing topics in training, performance, science, and all things cycling. 

The show is co-hosted by: Sport scientist and cycling coach, Dr. Jason Boynton; Pro-cyclist and cycling coach, Cyrus Monk;  And professional cycling coach, and author of the Cycling Science Digest, Damian Ruse. 

You can listen and subscribe to The Cycling Performance Club Podcast on the Semi-Pro Cycling podcast feed, wherever you listen to podcasts.

To listen to the Cycling Performance Club Podcast featuring contribution from The Zommunique’s own Christopher Schwenker, P.T., click the image above!

In this episode of the podcast

Your time and money are valuable. That’s why it is important to invest these commodities wisely and carefully consider the claims of products and practices meant to improve your cycling performance. 

This week each of us deep-dive into a product or claim that has recently triggered our skeptical spider senses. Things that made us stop and say, “Is that true?” and “Does that even improve cycling performance?”.

Herein we investigate: Normatec recovery boots, lactic acid buffering lotions, and a blog providing back pain advice for cyclists.

1:30 Sign up for the Strava study! See link below for information!

3:15 The value of skepticism.

7:35 Normatec boots. What are they? Do they improve recovery as they claim to? Should you invest your money in them?

20:45 Lactic acid buffering lotions. Do they actually improve endurance performance? Should you include them in your race day arsenal?

44:50 Advice for treating cyclist back pain given in a TrainingPeaks blog vs. a response from a trained medical professional Christopher Schwenker, P.T..

71:30 The value of critical thinking for athletes and coaches.

This episode’s panel:

Jason Boynton, Ph.D.

Damian Ruse

Cyrus Monk

Jason Boynton, Ph.D.

Find the Cycling Performance Club Podcast at:

Instagram: @cyclingperformanceclub

Facebook: @cyclingperformanceclub

Twitter: @cyclingclubpod

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