After several months of testing internally and with the broader community, RGT is ready to launch an updated physics engine that promises even more realistic riding.

RGT New Physics Event

Over the last few months, RGT has openly been testing improvements to its physics engine. The progress has been widely publicized, and they have made no secret that they felt further tweaks were necessary.

The process began with internal testing, and we were able to view some of this via streams shared by RGT marketing manager James Vickers.

Three weeks ago, the first public test took place, and the updates were generally well-received by the community. A questionnaire allowed more detailed responses to be fed back to the RGT team.

Over the last few weeks, this has helped the team make some final tweaks, culminating in a second public test held yesterday.

RGT Tests new physics engine

One rider remarked, “it was probably the best race in terms of realism I have ever done on RGT,” and spectators observed that the “bunch looked very natural.”  That certainly sounds like a ringing endorsement.

Off the back of these positive tests, VCN understands that the RGT servers will be updated imminently, and all future events and the real roads will utilize the new physics algorithms. Users will not need to do anything on their end as all the calculations are done server-side, one of the platform’s key features.

This is the conclusion of a significant piece of work for the RGT team, and we’re sure they will be following with interest over the coming days. The RGT team will maintain their excellent customer support should anyone experience an issue.

We look forward to seeing how the wider community receives these changes, and we’d love to hear your feedback once you’ve had a chance to test it out for yourself.

Please leave your thoughts and comments on Facebook or Discord!

We participated in the second public testing of the new engine and you can view the pack movement and Riley Harvey’s thoughts on the new drafting in this video.

Mike Lister

Mike has clocked up 10,000 miles on Zwift and 5,000 on RGT. He is a keen racer who enjoys riding tactical crit races or longer events of 75-100km. He also organises the weekly team time trial event on RGT and is involved with the annual 2 week stage race Tour du Monde.

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