Coffee, Cycling, and Community: An Introduction

Coffee beans, Cycling, Espresso, Caffeine...need I say more?!?

Life is a series of moments.  In this series, I will explore how you and I can make the most out of every moment of our cycling lives. 


Spoiler alert: it involves coffee, AKA cafe, espresso, java, battery acid, and my favorite cowboy mud.  


While there are many ways in which you and I can describe our favorite cup of joe, there are exponential ways to unite your coffee appreciation with your cycling addiction, or is that the other way around?  Before we get too far down this rabbit hole, let me introduce myself.


Hi, my name is Billy, aka by my Zwift friends as TheCoffeeSnob, and I want to invite you to join me as I explore the fascinating intersection between…

Coffee, Cycling, and Community.

I am a father, husband, cyclist, gamer, musician, engi-nerd, church planter/pastor, wannabe endurance athlete, and self-proclaimed coffee snob.  But more than any of that, I am just like you.


I am just a person trying to make the most of my one life, making sure to enjoy as much coffee and cycling as possible.  


I am excited to be able to begin this journey with you.  I promise that through this series, you will learn about coffee, cycling, and how to make moments with those who matter most to you.

If you have made it this far, you are more than likely one of these types of people:

Whoever you are, please know that I am beyond excited to take this journey with you.  So before you dismiss this series as something that does not apply to you, let me pitch coffee to you this way.  

Cyclist to cyclist. Athlete to athlete.

Your next FTP bump could come from this journey, and you didn’t have to pay for a one-on-one coaching session to learn that.  Do I have your attention now?  Great.  Let’s tackle the first topic.

Coffee and cycling enhance the community at bike shops and cafe

Coffee and Cycling - The Inseparable Pair

When we share them both with those closest to us, they stimulate conversation and create memory-making opportunities.  I have found that talking about life over a cup of coffee and engaging others on the topic of cycling (a sport that I dearly love) always fills me up.  


Never in the history of humankind would two strangers (wearing spandex) have greeted each other and engaged in conversation.  Coffee has made this possible.


A good cup of coffee has the same potential to start a 2-hour conversation as the new power meter on your bike.  


We are going to tackle the following topics in the opening installments of this series.  All of them will raise your appreciation for coffee, cycling, and your community. Here is what’s coming up next.

Roasting Those Pits

Have you ever wondered how coffee became a thing?  This post is going to cover it!

Coffee and cycling starts with the basic ingredients

Roasting Those Pits...Again

Sometimes to gain an interest in a subject, you have to first learn a bit about it.  Think of this as your 5-minute crash course on coffee culture.  After you read this, you will be able to impress your cycling friends with your savvy coffee talk.

La Máquina y el Método (the Machine and Method)

As a cyclist, you dive into the creation of each watt that you can produce.  If you are a detailed person and want to know how to craft coffee, this is your post.

Impress Your Friends and Drop Some Watts

In this fun post, you will learn some additional coffee jargon.  More importantly, we will take a deep dive into the scientific correlation between your cup of joe and your watts.

Drink Coffee, Do Good.

So how can you drink coffee, cycle, and do good?  This post is all about helping you understand how to combine the things you love and help others who need them the most.

Coffee and cycling is linked

Let’s Take a Journey

Thanks for joining me for the kick-off of this series. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter so that you can get these posts delivered to your inbox.  


Like good friends parting ways after a long ride and a good cup of coffee, I will say this.


I look forward to our next journey together.  Travel safe, and may your coffee be strong and your watts high!

Coffee With a Cause

Before we roll out on this ride together, I would like to encourage you to visit  

Coffee and cycling with a cause to do good

There you will find coffee curated by cyclists and roasted by an award-winning roaster.  If you see something that you like, know that $2/bag will go directly to the DIRT Dad Fund. 

Who says you can’t drink coffee and do good?  I can’t wait to see where our journey is going to take us!  

Your thoughts...

What would you like to know about coffee? Cycling? Or both? Let us know below!

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