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Team Foudre Announces 2023 Zwift Belgian Cup

Team Foudre and the Federation of Cycling Wallonia-Brussels are organizing a four-round Zwift Belgian Cup beginning March 2, 2023.

Zwift Belgian Cup announcement

Team Foudre manages the Zwift Belgian Cup in association with the Fédération Cycliste Wallonie-Bruxelles to assist youth development in ecycling  😊.

The goal of Team Foudre, in association with Elite Team Foudre Punchers Coalition, is “to progress together in a good mood” and promote youth development through esports.

Composed of 4 rounds between 02 March and 23 March 2O23, the races will take place every Thursday at 19:30 CET.

Due to official Wallonia federation support and strict validation protocols, each rider must have a UCI license (RLVB, FFC, KNWU, etc…), FCWB (Competition or racing), or the VéloPass or leisure license to be eligible for prizes.

You don’t have to be Belgian to participate in the competition!

The cup will be divided into 5 categories:
🔴 A : Elite (19 – 39 years old)
🟢 B : Master (+de 40 years old)
🟡 C : Junior (17-18 years old)
🔵 D : Cadet (15-16 years old)
🟣 E: Women

Various prizes will be offered with partners (HJC, SpuQ, Squirt, and tons). The top 3 in each category who have a license RLVB (Belgium), FFC (France), KNWU (Netherlands) and FSCL (Luxembourg) are eligible for the prizes!

HJC helmet Furion 2.0 for the winner of each category 😊 and other cool stuff like a tons stand are up for grabs!

Every rider with a license is prize-eligible regardless of nationality.

📌 Registration is open!

📌 And here is the complete race book!

Zwift Belgian Cup logo

According to Team Foudre organizer Nico Busez, “We decided to create this cup to help develop ecycling and make young Belgian cyclists discover a new passion. If the elite riders join the event, they will set an example to follow 😊”

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Nico Busez (Foudre)
Nico Busez (Foudre)
7 months ago

Thanks for article 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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