The Gracious Welcome Home Has Been Incredible!

A reporter and his photographer were among the large group of family and friends that greeted us, and of the many delving questions during the interview, one stumped me. “Did anything surprise you?” he asked.

The article made the front page, and it’s pretty cool! You can check it out here.

The experience was a dream that I’d run through my thoughts for years, and I went into it with an open mind, so nothing stood out. Now that I’ve had a few days to process the humbling homecoming and look back, the answer is clear.

I was stunned at the time and still have difficulty contemplating the profound impact of the generosity and hospitality of everyone who shared the experience has had on me. From those who drove hours to ride with me for hours to the gracious hosts that opened their homes, the daily uplifting messages, and the generosity of donations to the cause, the response is one I will always look back on with humility and awe.

A few have called the ride inspirational, but I don’t see it this way. All I had to do was ride my bike, and if you’re a passionate cyclist given the opportunity, you may have done it too. It has changed me! I have a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships and discovered an appreciation for our country and its individuality.

The true inspiration is the spirit of selfless giving it took to make my dream a reality and the charitable cause a triumph. The team is the secret to my success, and that includes everyone who falls under the description. You know who you are, and to you, I say, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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