Adaptive Athlete Representation is Coming to Zwift!

When I asked Zwift if they were going to represent adaptive and disabled athletes with true-to-life equipment and avatar integration, the short answer was “Yes.”

The ZOM: Will adaptive athletes be represented with true-to-life equipment and avatar integration on Zwift?

Chris Snook: “Yes, part of the research was focused on equipment to ensure that it is as true to life as possible—in a Zwifty way, of course.”

Adaptive and disabled athlete accessibility, inclusion, and representation on Zwift have been a prolonged topic of interest and debate. Zwift’s head of PR and DEIB Inclusion Council member, Chris Snook, acknowledges when he says, “We understand that from the outside this is frustrating. It is definitely a priority with plenty of internal support from staff across the business. The aim is to deliver an equitable solution for all athletes living with a disability.”

With the firmest response to date, Zwift is finally on notice. Will adaptive and disabled athletes finally receive the representation and inclusion they deserve? Please start the clock—now! It’s been long enough!

The editorial board of the respected and trusted worldwide publication CyclingNews remains committed to including and representing adaptive athletes in all cycling venues by highlighting this feature.

Follow this link to the full text on Thank you!

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Andy Shuttleworth
Andy Shuttleworth
1 year ago

Amazing news! Thanks for all your efforts in bringing this to a wider audience. It’s a pity they haven’t given us a date, but the 1st April might be nice to show us what they are thinking of!

Jon Knott
Jon Knott
1 year ago

Now you’re being synical 😉 but, huge step forward

Andy Shuttleworth
Andy Shuttleworth
1 year ago
Reply to  Jon Knott

Maybe, but only a little bit. Last year Zwift put everyone on a kiddy trike on 1st April, so you’d think this year, given what they’ve said, they could put everyone on a proper recumbent trike or handcycle – even if the physics isn’t yet sorted out.

1 year ago

This is so important! IRL I see adaptive cyclists all the time. And I bet that there are a lot of them on Zwift! So we need representation!

Zed Pitts
1 year ago

Dr. Andy Shuttleworth and Chris Schwenker has been doing an excellent job at elevating the public’s awareness 👀of the adaptive sports community within active eSports. As an adaptive sports advocate, it troubles me to witness the prolonged underrepresentation of adaptive sports athletes on the Zwift platform💔. Do not get me wrong: I am pleased with what Zwift has provided thus far regarding access to multiple sanctioned competitions and sportifs for cycling and running on an international scale🌍. However; since I became a Zwifter at the beginning of 2020 and experienced countless software updates and technological advances the Zwift software team has implemented, I feel representation of the adaptive sports community in the Zwift metaverse is long overdue🗓. Since the start of my Zwift journey, Zwifters have being able to enjoy the Zwift world in various fashions: from riding as space-alien-Santas 👾🎅 on a special holiday group ride to sharing the experience of pro-cyclists on two hyper-realistic Tour de France 🚴🏿‍♂️ route releases. Now, we are able to go for a spin in the re-created world of Tokyo, Japan 🇯🇵 ; created for the Olympics🏅. With these multiple complex changes in mind, I cannot understand why the implementation of hand, recumbent, or upright-trike representation is taking so long 🕰.


[…] answer was to a question asked in March 2022 when researching the topic for this CyclingNews article alluding to Zwift’s work to prioritize the disabled community. The firm admission by Snook […]


[…] Adaptive Athlete Representation is Coming to Zwift! […]

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